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Internship Prep 101: A Guide for Internship Success


Many students know internships provide real world, hands-on experience before applying for jobs. They know internships help soon-to-be professionals decide if they’ll enjoy working in their chosen major or a particular industry. And, of course, they understand that internships increase the chances of employment after graduation.

If they’ve never interned, though, they may not know how to can gain the most out of their internship experience…   

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7 Too Common Internship Mistakes That Will Get You Fired


Many young professionals are new to the professional world. As such, they don’t yet know the “rules”… both explicit and implied about how to behave professionally. Breaking these rules can have dire consequences… and often there are no second chances. You don’t want to do something you’ll regret and get fired from your internship.

Here are seven things to avoid that will get you fired from your internship:   

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Internship Hiring Will Continue Growth in 2014 [Infographic]


As we say often here at YouTern: internships are now a prerequisite for starting your career right. And it appears the message is getting through… 67% of the class of 2013 completed at least one internship.

The good news continues: according to a recent survey by Internships.com, 56% of those employers surveyed plan to increase their intern hiring in 2014…   

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How to Turn Your Internship Into a Full-time Job [Infographic]


Internships are now essentially mandatory to get a real-world job. Employers want to hire candidates that come with skills already in hand, ready to go from day one.

And many employers hire their current interns. Recently NACE reported that 69% of employers with 100 or more employees offered full-time jobs to their interns. So how do you become one of those interns that end up with a job offer?   

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7 Ways NOT To Land That Awesome Internship

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Landing an internship involves a lot of work. From reading through internship descriptions to writing your cover letters and perfecting your resume, personal brand and elevator pitch… there are many steps to consider. If you want to be successful, it is best to excel at each part of the process.

If you’ve been applying but still haven’t landed an internship, or if landing an internship seems more difficult than it should be, there may need to be some process improvement…   

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Break from the Crowd: 9 Unusual Places to Find Awesome Internships


When you’re looking for internships, there are some pretty basic search methods everyone knows. There are big job boards like Internships.com, Glassdoor, and Indeed.com that list hundreds of internships all around the world. The problem with big sites like these is that everyone uses them, so the positions have a lot of competition.

There are some other, less common ways you can find internships — you don’t have to be stuck using mass job boards. Here are nine other places you might find internship opportunities:   

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