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6 Ways to Leverage Your Internship Experience on LinkedIn

Leveraging LinkedIn

The typical college student isn’t really into LinkedIn… at least not yet. Without much professional experience, many wonder who to connect with and how to make your career-to-date look attractive.

Once you score an internship, though, things are looking up for you on LinkedIn! Here are six ways you can leverage your internship experience when using LinkedIn:   

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One Brand Gets it Right: This is Not Your Father’s Internship


This is not your father’s (or mother’s) internship!

As you can see from this infographic from Gatesman+Dave, and ‘The Brandtern Experience’, internships today are far different than they were a generation ago…   

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7 Ways to Become the Best Intern Your Employer Ever Hired

The Best Intern Ever

Maybe you’ve been with an employer as a summer intern and are looking to go out with a bang. Or perhaps you’re looking for a Fall internship? Either way, you’re probably wondering what you can do stand out as the best intern your employer has ever hired.

There are a variety of traits employers look for in uber-successful interns…   

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12 Proven Ways to Turn Your Internship into a Job Offer

Internship to Job

Your internship is a great way to gain experience, develop skills and greatly improve your chances of getting catching a recruiter’s attention. Even better, many internships lead to a job offer; I had three internships during my college career, and the last one turned into my first full-time job!

This is how I went from intern to employee – see if these tips work for you, too…   

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12 Reasons Why You Didn’t Get the Job or Internship

Reasons You Didn

You thought you nailed the interview – and you expected an offer. But the offer never came. The job or internship went to someone else.What went wrong? What happened that made the recruiter choose another candidate?

When trying to understand how we could get so close but come up empty, we tend to over-complicate things. The reality is that if you were a finalist for a job, and didn’t get the offer, the reasons are often quite simple – and fixable…   

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The LinkedIn Versus Resume Quarrel: Is There a Clear Winner?

LinkedIn versus Resume

At a recent social event, I was sharing “So what do you do?” pleasantries with a new friend. After hearing  about my line of work (crafting quality resumes), he went on to tell me how unfamiliar he was with the concept of updating a resume. So far in his career, he had never really had to utilize a resume… Recruiters had always found him on LinkedIn, where an initial inquiry led to a conversation, that led to an interview, that led to a job offer. All the while, the resume was merely a formality in the qualifying process. So is   

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