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Which Social Media Trends Will Help Your Job Search Most?


Social media changes rapidly; there are constantly new ways of leveraging it in your job search. Social media trends in 2014 include a focus on visual content, new tools for LinkedIn users, and a need for all employees to possess social media skills.

To maintain your relevance in the workforce, apply these three current social media trends to your job search…   

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These 16 Former Interns Now Rule the World [Infographic]


Companies are now beginning to realize that a strong intern can be the key to their company blooming into a large scale competitor — especially in the tech industry. We are seeing businesses begin to allow interns to actually get their hands dirty and excel doing real work.

What’s the catch, though? Why now?

To better understand this shift in intern treatment, we bring you an excellent infographic from our friends at Who Is Hosting This. This graphic shows how the most powerful figures in business went from intern to CEO, why companies are dishing out more cash for interns and the results.

What are you doing to take yourself from intern, to CEO?   

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Last Call! 6 Ways to Land a Last Minute Summer Internship

Last Call Summer Internship

With summer internship season just about in full swing, you may feel like you’ve been left in the dust.

While most of your friends are staring up their summer internships, it seems like you’re the only one who hasn’t secured something for the summer. Feeling lost and frustrated with your internship search, you begin to wonder if you should just give up.

Before you decide to throw your internship dreams out the window, there’s something you should know…   

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By the Numbers: How to Excel in Your Summer Job Search

Summer Job Search by the Numbers

With summer coming fast, it’s very tempting to blow off the job or internship search and spend your day lounging in the sun. Unfortunately, unless you’re planning on landing a swimsuit model job or applying for a lifeguard position, this isn’t an approach with a high rate of success.

To help you create a sense of urgency and to avoid an unintended summer break, you need a job search plan with set goals and milestones…   

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7 Traits That Make You a Great Candidate

I often get asked often: what do you look for in a potential new hire or intern that doesn’t have years and years of experience on their resume?

Admittedly, my answer often depends on what we’re looking for most at that particular moment. However, these seven traits consistently come to mind, regardless of the role…   

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5 Misconceptions Surrounding the “Perfect” Summer Internship

Career Insights for Millennials

If you’re like many college students, you may be deciding how you’ll spend your summer. Maybe you’ll go home and work a summer job. You might even have the opportunity to study abroad. Or, you could be hoping to land that perfect summer internship.

If you fall into that last category, or are debating whether searching for a summer internship is worth your time, there is something you should know: there is no such thing as a “perfect” internship. And when it comes to finding that perfect summer intern gig, there are some common misconceptions…   

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