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How Do Interns Set Their Career Up for Success? [Infographic]

Intern Must Dos

You may be just finishing your summer internship, or looking forward to a new gig in the fall.

Either way, compliments of Northpoint, we present this quick reminder of “must do’s” for interns…   

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6 Ways to Leverage Your Internship Experience on LinkedIn

Leveraging LinkedIn

The typical college student isn’t really into LinkedIn… at least not yet. Without much professional experience, many wonder who to connect with and how to make your career-to-date look attractive.

Once you score an internship, though, things are looking up for you on LinkedIn! Here are six ways you can leverage your internship experience when using LinkedIn:   

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From the Best Bosses Ever: 4 Vital Early-Career Leadership Lessons

best boss

I was 20 years old, just out of undergrad, and sitting among a group Ph.D.’s. My first boss at Bell Labs was an equal-opportunity yeller.

When he shouted at me in my first-ever department meeting, I got up, told him when he wanted to talk, not yell, I’d be in my office and walked out.

Perhaps this was not the best initial career move…   

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15 Apps to Make You an Awesome Intern

Apps for Interns

Want to be the best intern, ever? There’s an app for that.

Technically, there are tons of apps to keep you organized, sharp, and constantly learning—everything you need to impress your new boss. And all most all of them are free!

So, grab your smartphone and start using it for exactly what it was meant to do– to help you become an awesome intern!   

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Got Internship Problems? 10 Survival Steps for a Bad Experience

Bad Internship Experience

Occasionally, interns will get stuck in a bad internship. You might end up feeling undervalued, unappreciated, overworked… of all of the above.

Whatever the case may be, here are 10 steps to cope with what, so far, has been a negative internship experience…   

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Internship to Offer: Advice from the World’s Best Interns

Internship-to-Offer- Insights- from-Top- Interns-at-Amazon-Facebook-and-Google

As a former Google intern, I want to share insights that led to my full-time offer and provide advice from recruiters and top interns at Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon. Whether you’re working at a financial firm, fashion company, or fast-paced startup, these tips will help you land a return offer.


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