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Don’t be an “In-diot”: 3 Ways to Kill Your Credibility on LinkedIn

Killing Credibility on LinkedIn

“Oh, look… another idiot on LinkedIn… Next!”

This is the LAST thing you want a recruiter, headhunter or potential connection to think when the find you on LinkedIn. That’s why it’s crucial to present a connection-worthy first impression on this powerful portal – not only in your profile pic, headline and summary, but also – and perhaps more importantly – your activity and interactions with others.

In other words, don’t look like a LinkedIn idiot – or “In-diot”…   

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How Well Do You Know Your Own Resume?

How Well Can You Speak to Your Resume

Whether you write your own or have your resume written professionally, one thing remains true: You have to be able to speak to what is on your resume! You be able to bring it (and your value) to life.

Why? Because many interviewers do what I call “resume interviews”. They base nearly every question to you off of something they see on your resume…   

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3 Things You’re Getting Really Wrong About Job Interviews

why no job

I spent a Sunday afternoon coaching Jeff to get ready for an interview he had the next day. It was a company he really wanted to work for. He didn’t want to leave disappointed one more time.

And the day would be grueling. He had 5 one-on-one interviews – each an hour long. In between all that there was a lunch with a few of the team members.

To be successful in this interview, I knew he would need to change up his strategy completely.

While working with him, I saw beliefs about the interview I see in many new grad job seekers.   

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EQ and You: How Does Emotional Intelligence Impact Your Career? [Infographic]

EQ and You Emotional Intelligence

Everyone has heard of IQ (Intelligence Quotient). But have you heard of “EQ” or “Emotional Intelligence Quotient”?

EQ has become a major factor in your personal and professional interactions, and a huge consideration as employers consider you as a candidate…   

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Want to Work at Google? Here’s the 4 Skills They Look for When Hiring

Google Hiring

You’ve seen the mile-long job descriptions, where employers ask for everything imaginable. But how do you know which of those skills and attributes are really going to land you the job?

Laszlo Bock, the senior vice president of people operations for Google, spills the beans on what Google looks for when hiring new employees. And it isn’t just good grades from a good school…   

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9 Ways Volunteering Helps Shape Your Career

Volunteering and Your Career

Volunteering is a mutually beneficial opportunity; a chance to help the greater good, while providing you with great self-reward.

What you might not know is that volunteering is well worth your time and effort in order to advance in your career, or transition into a new one. Consider the reasons why… and then volunteer!   

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