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Young Professionals: Don’t Make the Coffee!

You’re working harder and faster, yet still find yourself working longer hours. As a new kid on the block trying to prove yourself, perhaps that is because you find yourself doing more than your share of menial tasks.

After all, you want to prove you’re a team player, right?    

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10 Tips for a Resume That Really Stands Out

Resume Screening

As a serial resume screener, what do I look for in resumes and cover letters?

I’m glad you asked! Here are the ten things that make a candidate’s application stand out for me as a screener…   

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This Summer You’re Not “Just an Intern”


You’ve begun your summer internship. Now, how will you get the most out of the experience… and get a solid head start on your career?

Don’t settle by thinking of yourself as “just an intern.” Instead, co-manage your internship and the experience! Here are some ideas to get you started…   

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12 Ways to Turn a Summer Internship into a Job Offer


If you’re just starting your internship this summer, or you’ve been at it for about a month now, what do you hope the outcome of this internship to be? Have you considered turning your internship into something bigger? Like a j-o-b?

So you can turn your summer internship into a job offer, consider these proven tips that will make your employer say, “Hey, let’s talk about keeping you on…”   

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7 Ways Internships Are Way Different than Classroom Learning


As many begin their internships and dive into the work, they quickly discover that their expectations were a little off.

From what you must wear, to the demonstration of your work ethic, and all the way to how deadlines are perceived in the workplace… they are surprised how different the internship learning environment is from that you’ve become used to in the classroom.

Here are some ways your internship varies from what you’ve experienced at college…   

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The LinkedIn Versus Resume Quarrel: Is There a Clear Winner?

LinkedIn versus Resume

At a recent social event, I was sharing “So what do you do?” pleasantries with a new friend. After hearing  about my line of work (crafting quality resumes), he went on to tell me how unfamiliar he was with the concept of updating a resume. So far in his career, he had never really had to utilize a resume… Recruiters had always found him on LinkedIn, where an initial inquiry led to a conversation, that led to an interview, that led to a job offer. All the while, the resume was merely a formality in the qualifying process. So is   

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