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Interning Abroad: What You Need to Know (What I Wish I’d Known)

During my years interning in Europe, Canada and Asia, I’ve learned more than I did in a classroom – in my undergrad and graduate career combined. Without a doubt, living and working abroad truly teaches you how to survive in the real world.

After I secured my first overseas internship during my sophomore year, I was so overwhelmed and excited that I really didn’t stop to think about how to prepare for life in another country and culture.

Here are some of the best tools and tips I’ve found for an intern going abroad this summer!   

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Broaden Your Horizons by Interning Abroad

If you finish an internship with nothing more than a college credit – or new expertise at taking coffee orders – you have done yourself a disservice. How will those hours spent running errands help you in your future career?

You might need those credits to graduate, but you need real work experience to find a job.

An internship abroad can help prepare you for life after college in a number of ways:   

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