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Informational Interviews: Collecting Knowledge to Help Plan Your Career

informational interviews

Informational interviews are an excellent method of learning about a job or employer before committing yourself to a new direction for your career. One major advantage of informational interviews?

You will learn more about a specific field or employer, without being “on the spot” like you are in a job interview…   

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Job Search 101: The Importance of Informational Interviews [Infographic]

informational interviews

For many, informational interviews are a fuzzy concept. So during their job search, more than a few job seekers have asked: “Why should I spend time talking to someone who doesn’t have the power to hire me?”

The more you understand the informational interview, though, the more their value becomes clear.   

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Successful Informational Interviews Mean a Successful Job Search

Informational interviews

Successful informational interviews are a great way to learn more about a career you are considering or an employer who interests you.

Informational interviews, done well, mean a successful job search… and career!   

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5 Tips for Fun and Effective Informational Interviews


as I approach the end of my senior year in college, I have a personal goal of one informational interview a week. I’ve competed many already, and I can tell you:

Informational interviews are a great tool for making connections, getting advice, and prepping myself for future interviews…   

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The Young Careerist’s Guide to Informational Interview Etiquette

Informational interview

Every summer interns should schedule at least one informational interview before your internship ends.

If you’re new to informational interviewing, however, it can be hard to tell whether or not you’re really putting your best foot forward…   

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The Ultimate Guide to Informational Interviews: Before, During and After

Informational Interview

Everyone stresses the importance of networking. An informational interview is your chance to develop a new relationship. You might not get a job out of it, but they might give you contacts at other companies and useful advice. You might even hit it off so well that you can turn to this person as a mentor in the future.

Here’s some advice for how to manage your informational interviews, before, during and after…   

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