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Finally: Everything You Need to Know About Informational Interviews

informational interview

In informational interviews, you talk with a professional from your desired field to learn more about their current line of work, their career history and obtain insider knowledge about the company (culture, availability of mentors, etc.). Informational interviews are also a great opportunity to ask advice about how to achieve your own career goals.

Here’s what else you should know about info interviews…

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25 Important Questions to Ask in an Informational Interview

informational interview

Informational interviews are one of the most effective, yet under-utilized networking and job search techniques. Unlike a job interview, in an informational interview you will be asking all the questions… and the quality of those questions (as well as your ability to listen and learn) will determine how much you, and the interviewee, gain from the experience.

To help you make the most of your info interview opportunity, here are 25 questions you should consider asking that person on the other side of that latte…   

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Meet Your New Job Search BFF: Informational Interviews


Your job search battle plan consists of applying to every job you find, in any field you have a remote interest in. You call it a successful day making it through applying to 70 jobs you found online.

You’ve done it, I’ve done it.

This tactic works, but only about five percent of the time…   

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It’s Time to Re-Think the Informational Interview


Let’s stop using the term “informational interview”. That phrase sends the wrong message. Worse yet, it’s only job seekers who ask for them! In fact, let’s re-design the typical process of obtaining this type of meeting.

So let’s do this: If you are serious about your career, stop asking for informational interviews. It’s great to network. But let’s re-design the process and position your request differently! This should yield better results.   

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4 Steps to Master the Informational Interview Via LinkedIn

LinkedIn Privacy

There are hundreds of tools and strategies to help you connect with to those who can help you during your job search.

Forget all those… and focus on this: LinkedIn and informational interviews.

Here are my tips on using LinkedIn to get connected to the right people, the right companies, and right next job…   

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Tank Your Informational Interview in 5 Easy Steps

I have a couple friends in the generosity business. They conduct informational interviews with students and young professionals in the job hunt. Their collective observations are worth sharing. First, let’s define “informational interviews”… Informational interviews are not job interviews. They are investigative opportunities for you to derive information about a job, company, industry,  career space or person. They are led by you as the interviewer. The purpose is to help you garner information and exposure to support your job search strategy. About 20% of the time, job seekers came in prepared for their interviews – and they had good conversations.   

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