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5 Steps to Nailing the Informational Interview Like a Pro

informational interview

An informational interview is a meeting with contacts who you think could help you in your job search. Typically, this is done either by providing valuable information or mentorship.

Done well, informational interviews can make you a desirable candidate…   

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How to Make the Most of Every Informational Interview

informational interview

The informational interview is the perfect tool to use when you’re stuck in a job search rut or want to explore options before fully committing to a new gig or career path.

Read on to see how you should prepare, what to expect and follow-up steps to ensure a successful informational interview.   

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Ask These 10 Questions at Your Next Informational Interview

Good question

Imagine asking someone for an informational interview… and then having nothing to say?

With these 10 questions at your fingertips, that will never happen to you!   

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Job Seeker Special: 5 Proven Tips to Expand Your Personal Network

Expand Your Personal Network

Your personal sphere of influence is the key to a strong career, and a successful job search. So no matter where you stand now: you likely want or need to expand your network.

But especially during a job search, there’s a built-in problem: how do you approach someone you want to meet without sounding like a desperate job seeker?   

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Informational Interviews: Still Powerful, Still Ignored

Informational interviews

I just arranged an interview for you at a fantastic company in the industry you’re looking to work. I should mention, though: the employer does not have a job to offer you.

At this point in your job search, it may seem odd to interview where a position doesn’t even exist. What do you stand to gain? Why should you go if you should not ask for, nor will you likely be offered, a job?   

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#60Day Challenge, Day 8: Set Up Three Informational Interviews

#60Day 8 of 60a

In the first couple days of the #60Day Challenge, you re-established contact with existing mentors and began to identify potential new mentors. From Day 3 to Day 7, you polished your social networking profiles to a brilliant shine. On Day 8 of the challenge, you’re going to put all that hard work, to work… by securing three informational interviews with influencers in your industry. Let’s get started…   

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