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How to Skillfully Negotiate a Higher Salary [Infographic]

negotiate higher salary

We all want to be paid fairly for the work we do. We want to go to the office each day knowing we’re valued – and compensation is a major component of that.

Actually asking for a higher salary, though, makes many of us feel uneasy. We don’t know how to approach the subject with our boss or HR…   

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The Biggest Workplace Trends of 2016 [Infographic]

Workplace Trends 2016 Infographic

Open work spaces, freelancers, yoga and meditation rooms, flexible work schedules… this is definitely not your parent’s workplace!

How are we supposed to keep up with these trends? And as employees and leaders, how do we keep up with everything happening around us?   

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How Successful People Spend Monday Mornings [Infographic]

how the worlds most successful people spend Monday

For the world’s most successful people, Mondays aren’t the worst day of the week… they are an opportunity to shine… a day to see limitless potential, a point Dollars Direct makes very well in this inspiring infographic. Here, you’ll see how some famously successful people get their weeks off to a great start. From sleeping well and getting up early, to taking the dog for a leisurely walk, to keeping email in check and the house clean… it’s all in here. As you start a new week, consider these best practices… and see if you can’t change your attitude about   

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Your Battle Plan for the 2016 Job Search [Infographic]


Sometimes, the job search really does seem like a bloody battle… often, one you can’t win. But you will… everyone, eventually, does!

To help you do just that, we present this battle-themed job search strategy by Beacon Hill Staffing Group. They’ve done a great job of drawing up a battle plan… one sure to help you take the hill…   

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Toughest Interview Questions from Tesla, Amazon, Zappos and More [Infographic]

Toughest Interview Questions

And you thought it was difficult to answer the “What is your greatest weakness?” question!

Next time you’re faced with a really tough interview question (or just barely survived a really tough job interview), just be glad you didn’t have to answer these questions asked at Tesla, Zappos, Google, Amazon, Virgin and more…   

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9 Soft Skills You Must Master in the Social Age [Infographic]

9 Critical Soft Skills

More and more, soft skills are the winning the battle against technical skills… and are helping those who have mastered these skills earn job offers.

And while almost every list of in-demand soft skills includes things like “communication” and “analytical thinking” (what is that, anyway?), we wanted to share this simple new take on soft skills by CreativeRoom4Talk.com…   

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