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3 Tips to Turbocharge Your Productivity at Work


Young professionals striving to get more done in less time have always tried to crack the productivity code. The idea of getting more done, faster, is a seductive one.

Here’s a secret of highly productive entrepreneurs and creatives: they respect their ultradian rhythm. You’re probably familiar with the term circadian rhythm, which describes the cycles of waking and sleeping. Ultradian rhythm refers to recurrent physical cycles that extend to the high and low tides of your energy levels. Focusing on your ultradian rhythm is an untapped yet powerful way to work with your body’s natural tides of energy and get more done.   

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How Top 1% Performers Focus on Progress… Not Productivity


Productivity is hard. I mean, every single time I sit down to “get something done”, I get distracted.

I often find myself starting a new project, idea or pursuit then somehow, someway….letting it fade into the mist. Until eventually, it’s no longer part of my life. Countless times I have tried to get something done and for whatever reason…just couldn’t.

So, I took a hard look at my habits and I discovered something that has been a HUGE factor in me starting 3 profitable businesses in the last 12 months and ejecting myself out of 9-to-5 misery.

Here’s what I’ve been doing. Let me know what you think.   

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