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Social Learning: How Do We Learn In-Demand Soft Skills? [Infographic]

social learning

More and more, potential employers are looking at soft skills to differentiate between equally qualified candidates. Today’s businesses want to focus on connecting with people. Soft skills facilitate the connection between coworkers and between customers and employees. They include all personal interaction and emotional intelligence skills such as being positive and friendly, communicating well, solving problems, observing, organizing, adapting and more. But how do we acquire these skills? We learn them from each other through social learning.   

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The Future Workforce: 10 In-Demand Skills for 2020 [Infographic]

future workforce

Those of us just beginning our careers can be sure of one thing… the future workforce won’t look a lot like today’s. In fact, the skills that are in-demand today may be virtually irrelevant in just a few years.

So, what are the skills most likely to be in-demand in 2020?   

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Essential Soft Skills that Enhance Your Value [Infographic]

essential soft skills

To learn more about the essential job skills employers are looking for, take a look at this infographic from Execu|Search. It lays out the top ten soft skills currently in-demand in the job market. With this list in hand, you can begin to build and strengthen these skills to increase you value and improve your chances.    

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The Missing Piece: Understanding and Bridging the Skills Gap [Infographic]

skills gap

One of the hottest topics in career discussion today is the almost mythical skills gap. Despite what some people say, the skills gap, like climate change, is very real. It exists because Higher Education has fallen behind the needs of today’s businesses. As a result, many companies believe that new graduates do not possess the skills necessary for even entry level positions. If you graduated recently, you might be looking at your student debt and wondering what you spent all that money on.   

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Job Preparedness: What Employers Really Want [Infographic]

job preparedness

Everyone wants to know what employers are really looking for, right? Knowing the skills and experience required is a crucial part of job preparedness.

After all, a job search is really an effort to sell yourself to an employer. And you can’t sell something if you don’t know what the buyer wants, or if you have it…   

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The Skills Gap Is Real (And It’s Way Bigger Than You Think)

skills gap

It isn’t just hard skills or technical skills that employers are struggling to find. Adaptability and the ability to thrive in ambiguity are also important. According to Hirst, “Another thing that we keep hearing is about the soft skills that people need to work in fast moving, multidisciplinary teams, to learn, re-learn, and unlearn skills needed to cope with the rapid pace of change. The key issue here is the ability for workers to reskill again and again.”   

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