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Stand Out: 10 Ways to Innovate and Impress at Work [Infographic]


Everyone wants to stand out at work. After all, it’s the ones who stand out that get the promotions, the raises, or the sweet offers from other companies. Well, at least if you stand out in good way. Today’s business world is changing rapidly. So much so, that the easiest way to impress those around you is to is to show that you can adapt and innovate. You need to bring new ideas to the table that solve problems or meet challenges that affect your company’s financial resources carefully built brand.   

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Creativity: 10 Ways to Exhibit Today’s Most Important Leadership Quality [Infographic]

leadership quality

This infographic from Cathrine’s Career Corner runs down ten innovative ways to impress your employer with your creative leadership skills.

From identifying potential problems or bottlenecks to taking notes and acceptable risks, it’s in here…   

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Your Elevator Pitch: Impress Employers in 5 Easy Steps [Infographic]

Elevator Pitch UGA

You’re at a Career Fair… or sitting next to someone on a plane… or you’re suddenly introduced to a friend of a friend. You’re asked “So, what do you do?”

Ah, the moment you’ve been waiting for!

You are ready to impress. You have an elevator pitch, practiced to perfection… so good, that when you say it, it doesn’t seem practiced. Your pitch flows in a natural, conversational tone. Your delivery is full of confidence. You nail it…   

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