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14 Ways to Impress Your Millennial Boss


How can a new team member impress their Millennial boss?   

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5 Tips to Help Young Professionals Impress the Boss

Impress the Boss

In college, I couldn’t wait for what we all called “the real world,” I devoured plenty of articles that dished out advice on navigating the interview process, getting along with coworkers and, most importantly, being positively regarded by the boss.

Common advice for impressing superiors included “dress for success”, “show up on time”, “be positive” and simply “be really good at whatever you do.” It’s been a few years since I entered the workforce and, looking back, I can confidently say that such guidance barely scratches the surface. As someone who has risen from an entry-level position to management, there are certain lesser-known suggestions every young professional should know to impress their superiors.   

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