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‘Twas the Night Before Christmas: Intern Style


‘Twas the day before Christmas, when all through the house, My computer wasn’t stirring, not even its mouse. My resume was uploaded, into job boards with care. For the spring and summer internships I soon would find there. When from my pocket, there arose such a clatter, I pulled out my iPhone to see what was the matter. My email app; I touched the screen like a flash, I opened the email praying my phone wouldn’t crash. When what to my wondering eyes should appear…emails marked “New”. From hiring managers saying “We want to interview you!” More rapid than reindeer   

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50 REALLY Bad Answers to “What is Your Greatest Weakness?”

“What is your greatest weakness?”

Just for fun, we decided to take a little different look at this question… and the answer. Using two words only, and with tongue firmly in cheek, here might be the worst possible answers to the worst question ever asked in a job interview:   

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When Send Isn’t Your Friend: 5 Awkward Reply-all Blunders

Send is Not Your Friend

There’s nothing like a good, accidental “reply all” blunder to make your stomach sink, heart race and make you curse like a sailor.

If this sounds all too familiar, prepare to feel a little bit better. Sit back, grab some refreshments and browse through these hilarious *whoops*moments!   

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