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The Recruiting Process: What Every Job Seeker Needs to Know

recruiting process

The recruiting process is an enigma for job seekers! Wouldn’t you love to know what human resource professionals are really thinking as they review candidates? Now you can get the inside scoop on what really matters to HR professionals. Human resource professionals have a set of rules, written and unwritten, and the more you know about these rules, the better you can compete and land your next role.   

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Are You a Happy Employee? Your Company Wants to Know

happy employee

Many employers have discovered that employee happiness has a direct impact on the success of a company. So, they work hard to make that happen.

So, enjoying your job doesn’t seem so strange anymore. It’s ok to be a happy employee!   

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Inside the Mind of an Overwhelmed Hiring Manager

I know a hiring manager who was overwhelmed, so she posted a job opening for an Admin.

The small company this hiring manager works for doesn’t have a Human Resources Department. So, the job would be posted on a job board with her name as the contact person. How would she field all the resumes and calls that would come in?! This, on top of her already overloaded plate.

Then came the daunting task of reviewing resumes and cover letters…   

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40 Most Important Social Media Tips for HR Professionals

Human resources is the art of working with humans (hence the name). And anyone concerned with dealing with today’s humans had better be prepared to also deal with social media. Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are now ubiquitous platforms that are not satisfied being confined to our private lives.

So for streamlining your responsibilities at work, and moving your own career along, check out these 40 crucial pointers about incorporating social media into your life as an HR pro.   

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Internet-obsessed Gen Y: Forever Changing HR [Infographic]

Those who belong to Generation Y–teens and twenty-somethings–are tech-savvy and obsessed with social networking. This is challenging the way human resources departments operate.

So, are HR deptarments adjusting to the needs of these workers?

Check out the statistics and find out how progressive HR departments are adapting in this infographic:   

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It’s Time for HR to Die

My industry is falling apart… and I couldn’t be happier about it.


Because it is time for HR to die.

This might sound like something melodramatic or vindictive, but truthfully, it’s neither. Let me explain.   

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