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HR, Recruiters and Managers: Hiring Pros with Different Missions

HR, recruiters and managers hiring pros

It is so hard to figure out the “rules” of today’s job search. Probably because there aren’t any, really. And hiring pros all seem to be looking for something different.

And that is part of the problem: HR professionals, recruiters and hiring managers are all hiring professionals… but they really ARE looking for something different…   

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Does Your Personal Brand Label You (and Limit Your Potential)?


I was asked an awesome question today by a client who had been looking at some of my competitors’ website: “Why do you charge one rate for most resumes instead of charging based on experience level?”   

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Increase Your Job Interview Success: Know the Interviewer

Job Interview

More often than not when someone tells me they have a job interview (yay!) I ask, “Great! Who is the interview with?” And the answer nearly all of the time is, “Oh I don’t know I’m sure it’s some HR person.”

“Just some HR person” can send you on to the next level, or hold you back from ever getting an offer.

When you know who the interviewer is, you’ll have better interview success.   

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Social Media: The Cure for Common HR and Candidate Apathy?

The more I work with both HR and young careerists, the more often I wonder how anyone gets hired.

By now, job seekers have had plenty of time to know what it takes to become employable in our new economy; yet few put in the work necessary to be a top candidate. HR knows exactly what they need to recruit top talent; yet far too many recruiters use tools and techniques from the 1980s.

It is almost as if we’re saying, “We each have something the other person needs, desperately… but we refuse to work together.”   

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Hiring Through Job Seekers’ Eyes: 5 Common Complaints about HR

As a job seeker you know there are a lot of frustrating nuances about the job search. You examine the hoops you’re expected to jump through just to land an interview and honestly begin to downright dislike the HR industry.

Here are a few of the top complaints job seekers have about HR:    

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HR Must Embrace Social Media

Many companies’ HR Departments still resist using social media or allowing employees to access social media sites at work.

This interesting infographic, courtesy of Compliance and Safety, details some of the reasons why companies still resist to incorporate social media. And highlights some of the benefits they miss out on by doing so.   

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