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Build a Working Relationship with Recruiters in 3 Steps

When you are looking for a new job, all you can think about is where you’ll get hired, what you’ll be hired to do, and most importantly, who will get you hired. Almost like gatekeepers to a foreign land, recruiters are the people that can often get you into that new job.   

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5 Fast Fixes for Your Resume

There are a myriad of tactics and tools you can use to improve your resume and not all are painful or require a lot of redo to your resume. The thing is – they can help you get a job and isn’t that what you want?

So how do you go about fixing your resume quickly?   

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Workplace Bullies: Is This an Internship or Middle School?

When I was in grad school, I completed three internships. The first, a summer internship, was ultimately an amazing experience.

While that internship was wonderful, it wasn’t perfect. I had my first professional encounter with a workplace bully – an arrogant, sexist, and unethical creep of a professional – my boss’ boss. It was the first time I dealt with horrible behavior by a professional colleague; I was fortunate I had few encounters with him.

Should you find yourself facing a workplace bully, it’s important to be prepared! Here are some steps I would suggest to the students I work with that might help…   

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Temp to Employee: Top Tips to Transition to a Permanent Job

Great news! You’ve landed either temporary or contract work, which suddenly has taken so much stress off of you from looking for a job.

Now you can pay the bills, settle in, and concentrate your focus on getting up to speed and making valuable contributions.

Contract or temporary work does NOT guarantee a future at the company. But despite not being a permanent employee, you have something vastly more powerful in your career arsenal right now than the unemployed job seekers:   

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Dude Where’s My Job? Episode 2 – Networking Revisited

I’ve already briefly mentioned the importance of networking, but I wanted to go into a little more detail. The hardest part about the job hunt is getting your foot in the door. Then all you have to do is prove you’re not incompetent.

P.S. If you’re incompetent then it’s all pretty hard. Have you thought about the circus? Not like Cirque du Soleil, but an actual circus. You could be like an elephant feeder or something.

I’m gonna use some declarative sentences to drive the point home.   

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How to Make the Least of Your Internship

I can tell you don’t want what’s best for yourself. You don’t want to succeed.

How do I know?

Because I was you! The job market sucks and you’re willing to do and say anything to land any job with any company.

I finally put in the effort to turn my internship into my full-time dream job. Turning an internship into a job I love was easy!

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