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How to Make the Most of “Intern Season”


With all the commotion about internship season, one has to wonder how does I go about applying for internships? For me, it was as simple as a Google search and asking for help. I Googled “Entertainment Internships Los Angeles” and clicked the first links that came up. I applied for approximately 20 internships over the next week or so, and I managed to snag one. But I didn’t make the most of it- I didn’t know how. So, how do you avoid having a less-than-spectaclar experience and learn from my mistakes? Here are 6 ways to make the most of “intern season”…   

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The Social Media Job Search: 3 Questions to Ask Yourself


Okay, so everybody knows we’re using social media more than ever to job search. But how many are doing it right?

In order to use online social networking to effectively find a job, there are several tools and tricks to abide by during the online job search made simple, by Web 2.0…

First, ask yourself a few questions about your social media presence and your online social networking habits and practices…   

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The “10,000 Hour” Rule: Can You Become An Expert, Faster?

10000 hours

What is the 10,000 Hour Rule?

In order for someone to master any complex skill, they must put in 10,000 hours of focused practice. This equates to about 10 years of their life.

If you’ve ever looked at famous players like Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, or Bruce Lee, they were masters of their game. But as non-human as they may seem, they weren’t always the best when they started out. Nobody is. But there are people who excel faster than others when mastering a new skill. In fact, the secret isn’t so complex. It’s just a matter of working the right way.   

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12 Innovative Ways to Learn More (No College Required)

The Web is rapidly transforming the way we consume knowledge. No longer requiring in-person classes to gain a well-rounded education, a few clicks of a mouse enable us to learn nearly any subject.

Here’s a quick look at some of the innovative tools, programs, and startups that are rapidly changing how we learn.   

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Value Is King: The 5 C’s of Job Value Creation

We’ve been taught that the purpose of work is to strive for money, which confuses the whole idea of value. To help combat this alarming trend, organizations should re-think the way “departments” are done. Right now, our companies are built around function — a department exists because all the people in it “do” similar things. Instead, companies must re-organize into what I call “value groups.”   

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Peace Out! How to Write a Farewell Email to Colleagues

Lets face it. Hardly anyone stays at the same company forever. Eventually the bigger, better deal comes calling, or life takes an unexpected turn and soon enough your inbox is filled with subject lines like “Time to say goodbye” or “So long suckers. I’m outta here!” Coworkers, bosses, friends, and even you will leave eventually, but when that time comes, what will be your final goodbye to the company?   

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