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The Top Job Search and Resume Trends for Summer 2014

Job Search and Resume Trends Summer 2014

I’ve been reading a lot lately about the top recruiting trends projected for this summer, and I realized this is a great opportunity to show you what’s going on in the recruiting industry.

With this knowledge, you can reverse-engineer strategies aimed at meeting recruiters where they are… and giving your job search a boost.

So, here are eight of the big trends recruiters will be following this summer, and how you can model your job search accordingly…   

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How To Use Failure To Ignite Your Career

Ignite Success

Fail hard. Fail again. Build your strength. Don’t do it alone. Act even when you don’t have motivation. And write down what really moves you – that thing you really want, that you’re really working for; that thing that moves you, excites you, motivates you. That thing that will keep you going even when your immediate goals don’t work out.   

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The Right (and Wrong) Way of Saying “No” at Work


Prioritizing is the first step to working smarter, not harder—and part of prioritizing is deciding when to say “no” to stuff that just doesn’t need your full attention right now. There is a way to say ‘no’ to select requests and still be perceived as a stellar professional.

Lets take a look at the right (and wrong) way of saying “No” at work…   

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Your Digital First Impression: Writing the Perfect Intro Email


A good, solid follow up letter not only demonstrates professionalism and follow through, but it’s also an important opportunity to reaffirm your interest and get back on the company’s radar.

Even more important: the communications you use to market your resume and application…   

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7 Steps to Getting a Solid Start on LinkedIn


I’ve been told that I am significantly more career-minded than most my age. Last year, as a freshman in college, I worked at a fantastic full-time internship at Gannett.

A big part of the reason I got the job was because I made some valuable connections through networking… and one of the biggest tools you can leverage is the site LinkedIn, the professional social network.

Some will tell you Linked is like Facebook. Don’t believe them. LinkedIn is much better…   

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Upgrade Your Uninspiring Cubicle to a Corner Office


Ever thought of swapping those dime-a-dozen ballpoint pens for an executive pen and pencil office set? Do it!

We spend most of our time at work, so investing a little extra into our work materials can help us feel more purposeful in our careers.
With a few creative touches, you can class up your workspace and impress your boss with your savviness.

We spend most of our time at work, so why not get cozy?

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