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Facebook Recruiting: How Job Seekers Get Noticed on Social Media

facebook recruiting

If you use Facebook to stay in touch with your friends and family, now there are new reasons to use it for your career and job search! According to Statista, 44% of US Facebook users report checking Facebook several times per day, far greater than the 10% of US LinkedIn users who sign in about once a day. More users logging in more frequently is exactly why recruiters have been turning to Facebook recruiting.   

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6 Mistakes Job Seekers Still Make on Social Media

Social Media Faux Pas

Here’s a cold, hard fact: your personal status updates may be impacting your ability to land your next job.

We all know now that employers will search for you online at some point during the screening and hiring process. What you may not know is that what think may be hidden behind a curtain of privacy… probably isn’t.   

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How Can You Leverage Social Recruiting to Find a New Job?


Recruiting candidates isn’t what it used to be… and we don’t mean generations ago. We’re talking over the course of the past few years. Employers now use “social recruiting” as a major component of their hiring strategy. What is it? Social recruiting is what companies and recruiters do when they use the “social networking sites,” like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and/or Google Plus to find candidates.

Is your personal brand and job search ready for social recruiting? Let’s find out.   

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On Its 10th Birthday… How Facebook Has Transformed Recruiting


Recruiters have been early adopters of Facebook, using it to tap into the large array of talent that’s available in every industry imaginable. During this celebration of the decade of social media, let’s take a look at how Facebook has transformed the recruitment industry as we know it today.   

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Recruiters Report: LinkedIn Endorsements Are Meaningless

LinkedIn Endorsements

You know those LinkedIn Skill Endorsements you have on your profile… the ones where friends, co-workers and check a box indicating that you possess particular skills? They are meaningless.

We asked more than 25 hiring managers and found that most of them don’t care much about how many people endorse your skills. So, why aren’t hiring managers warming up to the LinkedIn Skill Endorsement feature?


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Who Are You? 6 Must-haves for a Compelling Professional Bio

Professional Bio

People are checking you out online. And these “people” include recruiters.

To get their attention, you need a well-written bio that reflects who you are professionally. Think of your bio as a written version of your “elevator pitch”.

If you don’t have a professional bio, or if it has been acquiring electronic dust in a folder, it’s time to create or update… now.   

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