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3 Assumptions About Recruiters That Sabotage a Job Search


Many job seekers are confused about how hiring works, and, specifically, about how to work with recruiters. As with most everything associated with job search, things aren’t as simple or straight forward as they seem.

And yet, many job seekers make some bad assumptions about them – and how to work with them… including these three that can sabotage your job search:   

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Recruiter for a Day: Would YOU Hire You?


You feel your resume was perfect (even your mother proofed the newest version). Your cover letter came from a template you found online (you have every confidence it was the best of the bunch).

And yet… you don’t get called in for an interview. What could have happened?!

To answer this question, let’s make you “Recruiter for a Day”…   

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What Job Seekers Should Know About Current Hiring Trends

Hiring Trends

Many hiring trends come and go, while some others recruiters tend to stick to forever. There are trends with the skill sets of candidates being hired, the means used to hire, and even the steps actual hiring process. To increase their success, job seekers should be aware of these trends.

To get an expert view on current and future hiring trends, we asked Christa Shapiro, a Regional Vice President with Adecco Staffing US, for her thoughts.   

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Your Resume and Interview Skills Suck (Let Me Tell You Why)

Brutal Honesty

Job seekers would be surprised how many inquiries recruiters receive from people who at first glance (and often second, third, and fourth glances) are destined for the NO pile. They may also be astonished as to how many people seem to do their very best to sabotage their interview by “dress and breath” errors alone.

Read on – and yes, these are real examples…   

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