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What Words Should (and Should NOT) Be on Your Resume?


In a recent CareerBuilder survey, over 2,200 recruiters and hiring managers were asked to rank the terms they like, and don’t like, to see in your resume.

Check out this list, and then review your resume (at least) one more time…   

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5 Simple Tips to Get Your Resume Recruiter-Ready


You’ve shown your resume to several people and each provided you with some similar advice. They may also have given you tips that seem to conflict with each other.

It’s great to get feedback from people you trust, and ideally some actual resume experts. Ultimately however, the person’s opinion of your resume that really matters is that of the HR or the Hiring Manager who reviews your application. But you don’t even know them. So how will you write a resume they’ll like?

Luckily there are some simple ways to make your resume more recruiter-ready.   

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5 Ways to Write a Resume with Immediate Impact


Everyone tells you how important it is to make a strong first impression with your resume … “you only have a few seconds” goes the standard advice.

And it’s true. Many employers get hundreds of resumes for their positions which means it’s vital to make an impression from the very beginning of your resume.

But how do you actually do that?   

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Really Want Your Resume Read? Show, Don’t Tell

Resume that gets read

Here’s a plea from all employers out there to all job seekers: If you’re going to send your resume to apply for a job opening, please take the time to tailor your resume to the specific requirements of the job posting. Please!

I’ve posted two jobs recently and have been so dismayed by what I’ve received. I skim through the 2-3 pages searching for a reason why this person would be a good match for the job. In most cases, I can’t figure it out.   

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The 10 Resume Clichés That Make Recruiters Cringe


Know the trouble with most resumes? To a recruiter, they sound just like every other resume.

This is no one’s fault… because that is how most of us are taught to write resumes.

Sure it sounds good to us; after all, we don’t read 100+ resumes a day. To those who do – those making the hiring decisions – these resumes are not only redundant and worthless… they make the recruiter cringe. Literally, cringe – like in a “Not another crappy resume… I do not have time for this!” way.

To make sure your resume isn’t cringe-worthy, remove these clichés from your resume:   

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Give Your Resume Impact with a Powerful Professional Summary


Recruiters work in specifics. Generalities on your resume rarely produce impactful impressions because you just blend in with the hundreds of other candidates for each position.

Laser-focused statements that highlight your personal brand and the amazing addition you’d be to the organization, on the other hand, generate a much higher resume response rate. You have only about seven seconds to catch a recruiters attention though, so you better make a strong statement up front!

To assist you in stepping away from the generalities and vague, “fluffy” statements found so many resumes these days, here are some tips on how to write a powerful professional career summary for your resume.   

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