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In Today’s Job Market, How Many Internships Are Enough?

How Many Internships are Enough

You may already have some professional experience from several internships. Or perhaps you’re exploring internships for the first time… maybe even as a recent graduate. In any case, it’s likely you’re pondering one of the most common internship-related questions…

By the time I look for my first real job, how many internships should I have on my resume?

The simple answer:   

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5 Reasons One Internship is NOT Enough


Over the last few years, an increasing number of universities have begun requiring students to complete an internship before graduation. As the job market becomes more competitive, college students feel pressured to have at least one internship on their resume.

What they don’t realize is that employers expect candidates to have multiple internships – not just one.

Time to step up your game? Here are some reasons why college students need to complete more than one internship before graduation.   

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