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Fired! Whose Fault is it Anyway?


For employers, hiring is a risky endeavor. And the costs of a bad hire are high. So they want to make sure to hire the right candidate, the first time.

For job seekers, an average job search takes several months of concerted effort. So it’s important to find the best fit to increase the chance of staying at the job.

Yet bad hires still happen. Often.    

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Why Are Today’s Job Interviews So Damned Hard?


Hiring the wrong candidate costs companies serious money. Which is why it’s all too common to filter job seekers through a multi-phase job interview process.

This seems cumbersome and annoying to candidates. However, career experts say it’s necessary in today’s job market. There’s a method to the madness.   

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5 Ways to Beat the Summer Hiring Slump


There is some truth to the rumor that, for many companies, hiring does slow down from June until the end of August. However, this is less about the needs of an organization slowing, or a seasonal hiring freeze going into effect. The simple truth is that many people take vacation time in the summer, and that often complicates the process of coordinating interviews, team meetings, and other administrative approvals needed to bring on a new hire.

You might be tempted to wait until September to pick your search back up… don’t!   

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3 Facts You Didn’t Know About How Jobs are Really Filled


They often want to know: why a job opening stays open for months at a time; why their application status seems to be at a stand-still; why their interviews are spread out over weeks at a time; why there seems to be no conclusion or status update after the interview process; and much more.

The facts below just might help job seekers understand why recruiting processes are the way they are, and why everything seems to move much slower than they would like…   

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How Your First Resume Must Tell a Compelling Story


Writing a successful resume takes more than just acquiring the relevant skills and writing them down on a piece of paper.

To tell a story about your professionalism, you need to understand why jobs exist in the first place, and this in turn means understanding how business works.   

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Your Degree Is Not Enough: Go the Extra-Curricular Mile


The attributes that we all leave our university careers with are what set us apart. Two people with exactly the same degree can be entirely different people, offer entirely different strengths to an employer and be suited for entirely different jobs.

The thing about college is that we are all, if we are willing to put in the hard work and a few Red Bull-fueled all-nighters, led on a path which should see us leave with a qualification. In that sense we could say that two people studying in the same class experience the same university life, in academic terms, anyway.

If this is the case, then what separates us from one another? How does one graduate separate themself from another?   

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