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#60Day Challenge, Day 23: Know Which Skills You Have… Now

#60Day 23 of 60 Which Skills Do You Have

Yesterday on the #60Day Challenge, we spent time leveraging a powerful job search tool: a skills required assessment. Today, we compare the skills you have now to those you’ve determined are necessary for success in your career choice. Perhaps most important: we discover which skills you still need to obtain in order to be considered a top-tier candidate.   

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The Top 15 Candidate Traits That Will Get You Hired

catch recruiter

Are you the perfect job candidate? There are certain traits employers look for in the ideal job seeker. During your job search, remember no job applicant is perfect, though each and every one should strive for consistent improvement. With that being said, recruiters, hiring managers and human resource professionals will prioritize hiring job seekers who can be described as having the following 15 traits:   

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There Are So Many Job Seekers… Why Is It So Hard To Hire? [Infographic]


Contrary to the doom and gloom still shown on the evening news, there are jobs available.  In some cases, many jobs. Good jobs. Many of these positions, however, remain open for extended periods of time… despite receiving many applicants. Why is it seemingly so hard for employers to find and hire good candidates? According to this infographic from our friends at SmartRecruiters, it seems that both candidates and employers share fault. For instance: 52% of employers state they can’t find candidates that are the right fit 47% of candidates found employers’ application processes too cumbersome to pursue Take a look at   

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Pitch Like A Pro: Here’s How to Tell Your “Hire Me” Story


As a contributor to some of the biggest magazines on the newsstand and online, I wrote a guide to do-it-yourself publicity designed to pitch story ideas and strengthen relationships with Editors.

It happens that these tips translate quite well to job searching. Keep these five simple tips in mind when pitching your “why you should hire me” story to prospective employers!   

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“Expert” Job Search Advice Isn’t Always Helpful


As a Boomer I shouldn’t admit this, but I like reading The Daily Muse and the Savvy Intern. While this admission is likely to cause of few of my more opinionated folks to publicly guffaw, no worries – I’m a recruiter and my skin is thick. But when I read The Muse’s post on 30 Things You Should Never Say in a Job Interview, the experienced recruiter in me cringed a thousand deaths at the apocryphal wisdom conveyed by the article. This isn’t to say there aren’t elements of truth in the points made by The Muse and the people   

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The 3 Things That Tell Hiring Managers You’re “The One”

Hiring Manager

What is one goal all organizations have in common? They all want to avoid hiring the wrong person.

If a new hire isn’t the right fit, or they quit within the first few months, the cost to the company could be significantly more than that position’s annual salary. So, hiring managers have a very low level of risk tolerance when it’s time to make a decision.

That’s why knowing the three things that a hiring manager is looking for will increase your chances to slide right into that dream job.   

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