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10 Business Tasks You Shouldn’t Give Your Interns

Our friends at YEC asked members of their council this intern-related question…we thought the answers were enlightening. Read on!

What is one job that you should never have one of your interns do for the company?   

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4 Things to Remember When Dealing with a Hiring Manager

While hiring managers are judging you, you can also use your experience with them as a way to see what the company might be like. All hiring managers are different, so you never know exactly what your experience with them will be like. Remain professional and remember these tips– hopefully it will help lead to a job!   

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Reinventing “Recruiting”: Experience is Never Enough

Science knows an awful lot about human behavior. Business ignores almost all of it.

Let’s discuss recruiting. When done internally or externally, this process is mostly terrible. And it’s not because of the recruiters, many of whom are amazing people (I know quite a few). The problem is the process itself. There’s a popular theory in talent management that says past performance is the best way to indicate future success. This is outdated science.    

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