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The 3 Things That Tell Hiring Managers You’re “The One”

Hiring Manager

What is one goal all organizations have in common? They all want to avoid hiring the wrong person.

If a new hire isn’t the right fit, or they quit within the first few months, the cost to the company could be significantly more than that position’s annual salary. So, hiring managers have a very low level of risk tolerance when it’s time to make a decision.

That’s why knowing the three things that a hiring manager is looking for will increase your chances to slide right into that dream job.   

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The 6 Best Ways to Woo Hard-to-Get Hiring Managers

Anyone in a job search needs a smart strategy to show they’re sweet on their target companies.

You may need to woo an employer, hiring manager or playing-hard-to-get recruiter for months, or sometimes years. So… persistence and professionalism must fit in with inventiveness in your campaign…   

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Bridge the Generation Gap: Impress Hiring Managers of Any Age


According to a new CareerBuilder study, age disparity in office settings is disappearing. It’s no longer uncommon to see a 20-something managing older workers, and with this new era comes new generational differences. These differences — including ideas about communication, work style, and career advancement — could play a role in your interview process.

Here are a few tips for how to connect with older or younger hiring managers:   

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5 (More) Reasons You Never Hear Back After Applying for a Job

It happens all too often: after sending an online application or emailing a resume, job seekers hear nothing but silence from hiring managers.

YouTern recently ran a post covering the top five reasons you never hear back after applying for a job. However, these aren’t the only ways you may be missing the mark in your job search.

Here are five MORE reasons you never hear back after applying for a job, and how to solve this issue:   

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I’m Not Going to Take Your Job Search Seriously

If you’re not going to take your job search seriously, please don’t expect me – or recruiters and hiring managers – to do so either.

As post-recession hiring continues to increase, and as employers begin to fill more internship positions, it is incredibly obvious that some job and internship seekers aren’t aware of how they are perceived…   

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