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The Secret to the New Job Search: Find the Hiring Manager

hiring manager

No one said it would be easy to find the hiring manager. Fix it Friday is about helping job seekers do it better. Why is finding the hiring manager so important, yet so difficult?   

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Key to Job Interview Success: Interview the Interviewer


Once upon a time, I was terrible at job interviews.

Okay, “terrible” is harsh – but you would have had to look far and wide to find someone more nervous in an interview than I was.

In each interview, I felt like I was partially on trial, and partially a contestant on “Jeopardy”. To me, the interview was a tryout… to see if I was deemed worthy. Incredibly intimidated, I rarely made it to Final Jeopardy…   

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Inside the Mind of an Overwhelmed Hiring Manager

I know a hiring manager who was overwhelmed, so she posted a job opening for an Admin.

The small company this hiring manager works for doesn’t have a Human Resources Department. So, the job would be posted on a job board with her name as the contact person. How would she field all the resumes and calls that would come in?! This, on top of her already overloaded plate.

Then came the daunting task of reviewing resumes and cover letters…   

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4 Things to Remember When Dealing with a Hiring Manager

While hiring managers are judging you, you can also use your experience with them as a way to see what the company might be like. All hiring managers are different, so you never know exactly what your experience with them will be like. Remain professional and remember these tips– hopefully it will help lead to a job!   

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