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The 5 Job Interview Stories That Will Get You Hired

Job Interview Story

For your next job interview, don’t prepare to give answers about your skills and experience. Instead, prepare to tell your career stories.

Well-crafted career stories can be a powerful tool to show a prospective employer what kind of worker you are. And, when you craft your stories ahead of time, you’re less likely to stray off topic, talk too much or give information that you’d rather not.

Here are 5 career stories you should be able to tell at your next interview (this list is by no means exhaustive!):   

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How a Recent Grad (Finally) Got Hired

Hire Me

The traditional process of filling out an online application and sending in a resume and cover letter wasn’t working for me, so I had to do things a bit differently.

Recession or recovery, the job market is tough, and the competition for jobs is even tougher. Companies are not hiring like they used to. Despite this, I’ve always believed that a bad economy is a poor excuse.

Like many college grads, my goal was to launch a career, not land a job to collect minimum wage. Here’s how I managed to finally land a job I actually wanted.   

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The 5 Traits of Those Who Learn and Grow from Failure


Steve Jobs really hit the nail on the head during his 2005 Stanford University commencement address when he said, “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward.”

Your failures — and your willingness to learn and grow from them — have the capacity to boost your positive attributes in unsuspecting ways. Here are some characteristics that failures can shape, and why companies are quick to snatch up interns who possess them:   

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7 Reactions to Resist When You Don’t Get The Job

Didnt get hired

Opening your email inbox to find a rejection letter is every job seeker’s nightmare.

This can be especially frustrating after feeling like you nailed your interview. Worse yet: when job seekers don’t receive their rejection in the form of a concise email; instead, it comes in the form of silence.

Learn from these terrible ways of handling job search rejection to overcome disappointment and find success in your hunt for employment…   

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Even if Employers Won’t Commit… You Can (and Should)

As if college students and recent grads have not had enough hurdles to conquer to get hired, another trend is gaining momentum…

The job offer finally comes; maybe even with your top choice employer. So why aren’t you celebrating and signing that lease for your new apartment? Because the employment offer comes with a caveat. It’s a paid internship for a short period of time.

If this is the case, follow these 3 suggestions to make this a positive and productive situation… and a valuable stepping stone for your career.   

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Good LinkedIn or Weak LinkedIn: How Good is Your Profile?


We talk a lot in the career world about the importance of LinkedIn… and a good LinkedIn profile.

Yet for many, LinkedIn – and just what makes a good profile remarkably different from a bad profile – remains a mystery.

Take a look a this terrific document that delivers an in-depth look at the kind of LinkedIn profile that will get you noticed – and hired!   

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