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Stop Blaming Career Services: #HigherEd Responsible for Unemployable Grads

Higher Education and Unemployable Graduates

Want to join the angry mobs blaming Career Services for our unemployable graduates? Think they are the only ones at fault for those that will exit the stage in May with a diploma, but without a clue?

You just may have it wrong; you may be waving that judgmental finger in the wrong direction…   

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Close the Skills Gap: View College Courses as Soft Skills Education

You may have caught some recent news that employers view college students, despite their shiny degrees, as not yet skilled enough for the workforce. As a student, recent graduate, or even someone looking for a job, you might think, “Why the hell was my butt in those seats then? What good did it do?”

I say forget what the news says about employers and their perception of college graduates. Bridge the workforce-higher education gap… yourself… by turning college into your “experience.” You just have to know how to “spin” that curriculum into resume—and interview-worthy—material. And you can! Here’s how:   

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#InternPro Chat: “The Disconnect Between College Education and Career”


Wow, this week’s #InternPro Chat was a blur! Twitter could hardly keep up with all the discussion… and the fantastic advice from the #Internpro community.

Our topic was “The Disconnect Between College Education and Career”. And it seems a lot of people have some strong opinions on this subject…   

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I Have a Degree… But Didn’t Learn Sh*t in College

More and more, we hear a variation of the statement in this headline from recent graduates.

Not that higher education isn’t doing a decent job of teaching traditional subjects in their traditional way – they’re probably doing a no better or worse job than they did 20 or 30 years ago.

Which is the root-cause problem…   

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College Degrees Still Worth the Price of Admission [Infographic]

A recent media buzz has caused some people to question one longstanding pillar of American culture: the value of a higher education.

Prospective students hear accounts of self-made billionaires such as Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs who dropped out of school. The New York Times reported that since 1985, college tuition has skyrocketed 559 percent.

In light of these developments, do people believe that a degree is worth the investment of time, effort and money?   

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The New Normal: Your College Degree Will NOT Get You a Job

What is it about human nature that will not allow us to change the way we think… no matter how wrong we are?

Case in point: college students, despite all evidence to the contrary, still believe that once they graduate a diploma will somehow land them a dream job. Their parents believe it. Those in our higher education system believe it (or at least want to believe it).

And they are all wrong. Dead wrong.   

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