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The One Mistake Young Job Seekers Can Never Make


A few years ago, when we lived and worked in New York City, our job required us to interview and hire new interns every semester. That meant that three times a year (fall, spring and summer), we’d go through the resumes we received over the last few months and interview the best candidates. For the most part, it was a painless, week-long process—that is until parents got involved. Sigh. Yes, every now and then, we’d get a phone call from a parent. On one occasion, it was to complain that his daughter had twice emailed her resume and cover letter, and she   

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Would You Bring a Parent to the Job Interview?

parent job interview

Sandi Webster had interviewed newly-minted young professionals for her company’s management trainee program for years. Then one day she encountered something new: a dad accompanying the potential trainee at a job interview.

“A young lady who had stellar Ivy League credentials blew her chance of working with me the minute she brought her father to our interview,” says Webster, who owns Consultants 2 Go.   

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#InternPro Chat: “Professionalism 101: What Your Helicopter Parents Should Have Taught You”


In recent surveys, 74% of employers said recent graduates lack basic professional skills.

What are these important skills today’s young professionals seem to be missing? And why do they seem so underdeveloped? Could the cause be a lack of independence while growing up… the effect of so-called “helicopter parents”? Read on…   

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