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You Finally Got Hired and The Gig Sucks… Now What?

Your Job Sucks

This job sucks!

It happens to everyone at some point in their career. You find a position that looks great on paper… has an exciting title… the description was full of responsibilities that looked engaging and fun. But in real life the job is everything but what you were sold, or expected…   

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On Overcoming a Crappy Workplace: Hope Versus Action

crappy work environment

Imagine you’re sitting in your cube, staring out the window. You think to yourself, “I hate this place. It adds nothing of importance to my life.”

Now imagine saying this and believing it will never change. Should you stay in your current job? Or is it better to look for a new gig?

Of course we all would say we’d leave. Right? Truth is, however, too many of us tolerate a miserable workplace longer than we’d care to admit.

There’s a bright spot hidden in this bleak, all-too-common workplace “suckiness” epidemic.    

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