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How Can You Impact Happiness in the Workplace? [Infographic]


We talk a lot about leadership, problem solving, communication and other soft skills that help you get a job.

But there’s one soft skill that we don’t talk about often enough… one that not only helps you get the job, but excel once you’re there…   

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11 Easy Ways to Increase Happiness at Work

Happy at Work

How do we stay happy at work? What is the key to making each day fulfilling, and going home feeling good about our work… and ourselves?

For advice on how to deliberately create a happy climate at work, we asked this question: “What is one simple practice I can adopt to be happier at work?”   

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The Top Habits of Healthy, Happy and Productive People [Infographic]

Top Habits of Happy Productive People

Other than some of the devout trolls you may have met on social media, who doesn’t want to be healthy, happy and more productive?

Most of us, though, aren’t aware that these three characteristics – health, happiness and productivity – are closely tied to together…   

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