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Your Bare Bones LinkedIn Profile Is Scaring Recruiters Away

scary skeleton

A lot of job seekers seem to believe that if they have a bare bones LinkedIn account with a name, degrees and a list of employers they are all set. Not so!

Just in time for Halloween, I had an informal conversation with a few recruiters. I asked them what scared them the most about someone’s LinkedIn Profile. Here are some of their thoughts…   

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The 10 Scariest Job Seeker Mistakes Ever [Infographic]

10 Scariest Job Seeker Mistakes

Plenty of job seekers fail to realize that even the smallest mistakes have a huge impact on their success. The failure to do pre-interview research, grammatical errors in emails, or even having what is perceived as an unenthusiastic attitude will all leave you struggling to keep up in the frightening world of unemployment.

Your job search doesn’t have to be scary, though. As shown in this infographic from Careerleaf, proper preparation can help you avoid the ten scariest job search mistakes…   

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All Trick No Treat: Beware These 10 Creepy Career Moments


As young careerists are navigating their way into the workforce, it seems many – perhaps just happy to have a job or internship – are prone to ignoring some very scary red flags served up by monster-like employers.

The fact is that as we progress through the hiring process, recruiters and hiring managers are prone to saying what we want to hear in candy-coated tones…   

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