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Google Job Search Tips and Tricks to Guarantee Better Results

google job search

Did you know that Google can be a powerful partner in your job search? It’s true. 

And some of the most successful job hunters use a Google job search to help them find potential employers, research those employers (financial stability, competitors, etc.), and separate the good opportunities from the not-so-good ones.   

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When Google Search and Job Search Collide: Classic Career Auto-fills


The world recently learned three things about Google:

1. CEO Eric Schmidt received $106 million in bonuses in 2013. Maybe that’s because the company’s sales reached $16.9 billion in the fourth quarter of last year ALONE.

2. You can now add Google Glass hardware to actual prescription eyeglass frames.

3. When you type common career questions into a Google search, you get really depressing results.

That got me thinking: what other career issues have people typed into Google? I did a search, and what I found was interesting, and sometimes quite funny:   

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