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How to Get Noticed through Engaging LinkedIn Comments

linkedin comments

A robust LinkedIn profile isn’t enough. Sorry. You need to be active on the platform. If you want to increase the number of people looking at your profile and expand your network, then posting engaging LinkedIn comments is the fix! As a social network, LinkedIn rewards people who post engaging content and comments. What do I mean by reward? Your profile gets more visibility. When you associate with high ranking content and people who are influential in your industry/career, you get noticed. Liking isn’t enough to improve your profile’s visibility. And I realize not everyone can or should be writing   

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How to Put Strategic Skills Employers Want on Your Resume

strategic skills

If you’re going to rock the job market and get interviews, then you have to put strategic skills on your resume.

The goal is to hit the sweet spot of alignment between what you want and what employers want…   

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5 Tips to Avoid Job Search Rejection and Indifference

job search rejection

You’ve submitted your resume to hundreds of jobs and gotten no response. Or maybe you’ve tried networking and are disappointed in the lack of leads that ensued.

There is nothing more frustrating than experiencing job search rejection and indifference…   

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How to Get Noticed (In a Good Way) at Work in Your 20’s

get noticed

People who are older have to deal with ageism. Those of us fresh out of college have to deal with it too. Some people don’t think we’re capable of much. Some really underestimate our ability.

So here are some things that we can do in our twenties to prove all those haters wrong.    

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In 10 Powerful Steps: Stand Out as a Job Seeker

Stand out

Although the news assures us the economy is recovering, statistics show the job market in 2013 may be every bit as tough as the job market of 2012. With such fierce competition for desirable jobs…

What steps can you take to get noticed by recruiters?

These 10 tips will help you stand out from the sea of nameless, faceless job seekers, and get recruiters’ attention…   

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How To Get Noticed by Recruiters on LinkedIn

How many times have you read a job search article where they talk about Joe Smith sending out 100 resumes and still not getting the job. Are resumes alone, not much different than junk mail to some hiring managers? … What if people came to you with great fitting job opportunities? That’s what LinkedIn can offer…if you do it right.   

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