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2019 Recruitment Trends That May Help You Get Hired [Infographic]

redruitment trends

You already know about the importance of social media. You know you can use LinkedIn and Facebook to help in your job search.

But as the years change so do the tactics and technologies used to fill the jobs you want…   

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10 Tips Every Job Seeker Needs to Hear


Research shows the average worker is going to spend less than 3 years in each job — which means you’ll need to find a dozen or more jobs over the course of your career.

So isn’t it a good idea to learn how to job search right? In order to become an expert at finding work, here are 10 things every job seeker needs to hear…   

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Want the Job? Solve My Problem!


No matter the job, the industry or the experience level, every hiring manager on the planet – whether they need a dishwasher or a VP of Rocket Science – has the same focus: Solve… My… Problem.

How does a candidate know the recruiter’s immediate problem? How do you determine what challenge are they trying to resolve by filling this position?   

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The 10 Scariest Job Seeker Mistakes Ever [Infographic]

10 Scariest Job Seeker Mistakes

Plenty of job seekers fail to realize that even the smallest mistakes have a huge impact on their success. The failure to do pre-interview research, grammatical errors in emails, or even having what is perceived as an unenthusiastic attitude will all leave you struggling to keep up in the frightening world of unemployment.

Your job search doesn’t have to be scary, though. As shown in this infographic from Careerleaf, proper preparation can help you avoid the ten scariest job search mistakes…   

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20 Mistakes That Still Kill Your Job Search [Infographic]

Infomercial 2

No matter how often we talk about the serial mistakes made by job seekers… they are still being made. And they are still killing the chances of job seekers everywhere.

From spelling errors to that “partyboy420@hotmail.com” email address, and from not matching your resume to not bothering to follow-up, these mistakes – as shown in this infographic from Go Study Australia – must be avoided…   

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7 Ways a Recruiter Can Tell You’re Trying Too Hard


Ever wonder why you never get a call from a recruiter? Can’t seem to get a job interview? Why we write version after version of our resume., only to be largely ignored?

The reason may be far more simple than you might expect: you are trying too hard…   

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