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5 Ways Recruiters Really Find Top Candidates

how do recruiters find you

Sometimes… recruiters succeed where applicant tracking systems (ATS) fail.

While applicant tracking systems (ATS) have the ability to store and sift through resumes based on desired skills, they cannot make judgment calls about candidates. Because applicant tracking systems have flaws, recruiters do not rely solely upon them for finding candidates…   

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4 Things Successful Job Seekers Do Every Day


Colin (my son, 26, with degrees in accounting and finance) was helping me record a video. While we were working, he stated that today’s job search remains “brutal” and “humbling.” Ah yes… it is all that and more. And yet there are success stories out there. There are job seekers doing well! And almost every one of them does four things better than almost anyone else. Here are four habits successful young careerists apply to their job search every day, and how they can benefit you: 1. They Don’t Focus Their Search Entirely Online Way too many of my clients spend a bunch of time   

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9 Ways to Relaunch Your Stalled Job Search

Relaunch Your Job Search

As a new college graduate, finding and landing a job isn’t easy.

You invested a lot of money and incurred a bunch of debt to make yourself look employable, so – several weeks after graduation – why don’t you yet have an offer? Are you unemployable?   

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8 Simple Rules That Will Help You Get Hired

get hired

If you’re in the market for a new job, chances are you’re getting lots of tips about the job search from friends, colleagues – and yes, posts like this one.

But wouldn’t it be more helpful if you could get that advice directly from the people who actually do the hiring?   

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Recruiters Reveal: The Networking Secrets That Make Them Great

Networking Tips from Recruiters

I recently attended a two-day conference of top recruiters. And it was a very educational experience as I met and interacted with over 100 of these top professionals.

And not just because of the talk around recruiting best practices, but because it quickly become clear to me that recruiters are the best networkers on the planet. They have connecting down to a science!   

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This is How a REALLY Honest Resume Would Read


Let’s be honest: only a very small percentage of resumes accurately depict someone’s full career and life experience. Everyone has little bits to hide. And, in some cases, a lot to embellish.

Some of that embellishment is tolerated, even accepted as normal. After all, a resume is a marketing document – not an oath…   

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