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14 Soft Skills Millennials Must Master for Today’s Workplace

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What if, someday soon, you no longer need a four-year college degree to “compete” in the job market?

I know: given how much weight we currently place on the all-important question of “Where did you go to school?” this scenario seems hard to believe. But as online courses become more legitimate and trustworthy, employers might not care where we gain the skills — only that we have the skills.   

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Does Your Resume Say What You DID? Or Can DO?

Paying attention

I recently attended a webinar hosted by well-intended career advisors; the title (and I’m paraphrasing here): “the resume for the well-rounded student.”

Unfortunately, at a time when current students, soon-to-be graduates and recent grads need all the high-quality counsel they can get, the advice in that webinar likely wouldn’t help anyone find work – ever…   

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A Decade Later: What I Learned in My 20’s


I’m turning 30 soon. It’s not actually that terrifying, but like for many people, the milestone does make me think about life.

I have no regrets from my 20s. There was no shortage of good times. But like many others I made a lot of boneheaded mistakes…   

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25 Questions I Need Answered Before I’m 25

25 Answers for Millennials

The thought of entering the workforce is scary. Really scary.

There are no SparkNotes for creating meaningful work. No silver bullet that helps you get noticed, or hired. No matter what our parents tell us, nothing really makes us special.

Quite the opposite: from my perspective as a soon-to-be college junior, millions of us twenty-somethings are pushed into the workforce with nothing but a college degree that doesn’t seem at all special anymore…   

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What Qualities Do Recruiters Look For in Every Candidate?

Recruiter Expectations

Yesterday, we posted “7 Traits That Make You a Great Candidate” – and many readers were surprised that issues like confidence and culture fit weren’t included in the discussion.

However, issues like confidence and fit aren’t the character traits we talked about in yesterday’s post… they are basics that every recruiter looks for in every candidate, regardless of the job, level of experience or even the industry…   

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25 Things to Learn Before Our First Quarter-Life Crisis

Quarter Life Crisis

Although I have been steadily employed since graduation, I’ve made many mistakes along the way.

I’ve also learned things that have helped set up the next 25 years of my life. My hope is they help you focus on what to learn, well before your first quarter-life crisis begins…   

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