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Do Generations Really Think Differently About Work and Career?

Generational Employment Traits

Especially in the workplace, so much has been made of the perceived differences in generations. At times, the whole conversation has become an “us” against “them” battle between Millennials and Baby Boomers with Gen X sitting over in the corner saying, “Hey, don’t forget about us!”

As you can see in this infographic from Monster, though, there isn’t too much difference in how the generations perceive what is important to them at work, what we look for in a company, entrepreneurism and so much more…   

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Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generational Stereotypes: This Ends with Gen Y?

To paraphrase the famous song by The Who: “Talkin’ ‘bout my generation (again, and again…)”

You’ve seen the news. You’ve read the articles and heard the talking heads. They say young people are “lazy” and they’re “entitled”. America’s youth – an entire generation – will never amount to much.

I came across a Time Magazine article the other day that really bothered me. It was another older person talking down to my generation…   

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Mythology 101 – Generational Stereotyping

People are different. We come into the world as unique human beings and then are guided by the conformists of the day to conform to their beliefs. Even when we reach the maturity level that allows independent thinking, our thought processes are still somewhat biased in favor of the seeds that were planted in our youth.

Fortunately, we do have choices.   

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