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Is the Workforce Ready for Gen Z? [Infographic]


For nearly 20 years, employers have trying to adjust their hiring – and their entire cultures – to the coming tsunami of Millennials. To this day, we see blogs and articles every day about what Millennials want, and expect, from employers.

Well, here’s the thing: many of those Millennials are now 30-somethings. They are doing the hiring. And many of those they are hiring are the next generation of workers: Gen Z…   

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New Age Jobs: The Future Careers of Gen Y and Gen Z [Infographic]

The Career Path of Gen Y and Gen Z

How does a student or young professional best prepare for this transition from old-school to new-school? How do members of Gen Z and younger members of Gen Y know what might lie ahead of them in the workplace?

This infographic takes a look at our uncertain future, including what jobs might be most in-demand just a few years from now and what skills will be required as they pursue new age jobs such as Nano-Medic, Climate Controller and Avatar Manager…   

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Enter Gen Z: Youth is the Answer

At this moment, there are more young people in the world than ever before – and they are all seemingly ready to make a difference; to change the world.

In analysis contained the 2010 Teen Voice study sponsored by the Search Institute, Best Buy, and Weber Shandwick, we find the answer to the age old question, “How do adults foster and encourage newer generations to make a difference in the world?” Results from the report concluded there are three traits in young people who have what it takes to effectively bring about change in their communities: passion, access to meaningful relationships, and voice.   

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Why Gen Y, Gen Z and Higher Education Must Learn Social Media

Harrisburg University, a small college located in Pennsylvania, recently put its students and faculty on social probation.

I can see why this might seem like a good idea (and had to do something similar when I was in college) but this is a dangerous lesson that doesn’t account for the good that can come from social media participation.   

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