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Clock-In…Clock-Out…Kill Myself: Gen Y Hates 9-to-5

As younger employees enter the workforce, employers should begin to find ways to meet the demands for flexible working hours favored by these Gen Y-ers. Employers need to focus on the quality of the tasks completed as opposed to the number of hours worked – set goals for their employees and base their performance on whether or not those goals are reached.

Are we in fact promoting inefficiency by requiring that all employees work a standard set of hours every week?   

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Recent Grads: Embrace Your “Unemployment”

I love watching the show, Dirty Jobs, on the Discovery Channel.

In every episode the show’s host, Mike Rowe, does what he does best – making sure our daily lives run smoothly. Watching Mike work reminds me that sometimes it’s not about the task at hand; it’s about what you learn from that task.

Generation Y has sometimes been called “Generation Jobless” – and the name makes sense to many of us.

Gen Y is doing what we have to do to get by… and we’re complaining the whole time.   

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Employers: 13 Common Complaints About Recent Grads

Think it’s the economy that’s keeping you from landing a job? Sure, that could be the problem. Employers have a lot of complaints about recent grads these days, from a sense of entitlement to being completely unprepared.

Increase your chance of early career success – be sure you’re not guilty of any of these employment no-nos:   

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Understanding Millennials: Three Blogs that Demystify Gen Y

The bashing continues.

Yesterday while traveling to Washington DC I read yet another blog bashing members of Gen Y. No work ethic, self-absorbed, needy and – my personal favorite – “entitled”. And yes, there were the obligatory comments about skin art and piercings.

I’m not sure why Boomers (and even Gen X) feel the need to openly bash Gen Y. Maybe this falls into the “we fear what we don’t understand” category?   

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