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25 Questions I Need Answered Before I’m 25

25 Answers for Millennials

The thought of entering the workforce is scary. Really scary.

There are no SparkNotes for creating meaningful work. No silver bullet that helps you get noticed, or hired. No matter what our parents tell us, nothing really makes us special.

Quite the opposite: from my perspective as a soon-to-be college junior, millions of us twenty-somethings are pushed into the workforce with nothing but a college degree that doesn’t seem at all special anymore…   

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3 Things You MUST Do to Find a Job Much Faster

Find Jobs Faster

About an hour after I got married, I lost my job.

I’m exaggerating slightly, but I’m sure that’s what my in-laws probably thought. After our wedding, I moved their Georgian daughter up to Boston for my job—and then promptly lost it. Those were not fun months.

A lot of young professionals are in a similar place right now. Whether you lost your job or graduated from college into an economy that still doesn’t seem welcoming, here are three things you need to do right now to find a job much faster…   

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3 Smart Moves You Should Make to Secure Your First Job


You’re ready for the responsibilities and rewards of a real-world career. But there’s a problem. You have the training, but not a lot of experience. You want to break into a new career, but so do thousands of other recent graduates whose resumes are painfully similar to your own.   

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How is Gen Y Doing in Today’s Job Market? [Infographic]

BI_MillennialJobs_infographic_final (1)

Exactly how hard is it for Millennials to find a good job? And by good, we mean: one that pays well, takes full advantage of their education and provides fulfilling work?

Thanks to News To Live By and Business Insider, who surveyed over 500 Millennials in the US, we now have real answers to these questions…   

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What Nobody Tells Students and Young Pros About Careers


Whether you’re about to enter college or just starting out your career, figuring out what to do with your life is one of the biggest challenges one will ever face.

And despite all you learn about math, science, business, arts, sociology, psychology, history, and English; you still never feel 100% prepared for what comes next.

And that’s why The Bigs was written…   

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10 Ways to Nail Your First Gig After Graduation

First Gig after Graduation

You worked hard in college, and now its time to begin your first post-graduation job.

This is an exciting, and anxious, time. You’ll undoubtedly make missteps along the way. You will continue to grow and learn. And like every other major aspect of your life, in order to thrive you’ll need to learn the landscape…   

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