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How to Prepare for Tomorrow’s Workplace [Infographic]


It should come as no surprise that, for many of us, tomorrow’s workplace will be a digital workplace. After all, in many ways that future already exists.

If you still want to gaze into a crystal ball for what the future of look might look like, however, take a long, hard look at this infographic from Gartner…   

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10 Trends Changing the Way We Work in 2016 [Infographic]


The world of work is changing so fast… it seems impossible to predict what the future may hold, right?

Despite how daunting the task may seem, our good friends over at OfficeVibe have come up with the top ten trends that will change the way we work in 2016…   

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Is the Workforce Ready for Gen Z? [Infographic]


For nearly 20 years, employers have trying to adjust their hiring – and their entire cultures – to the coming tsunami of Millennials. To this day, we see blogs and articles every day about what Millennials want, and expect, from employers.

Well, here’s the thing: many of those Millennials are now 30-somethings. They are doing the hiring. And many of those they are hiring are the next generation of workers: Gen Z…   

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Who Needs a J-O-B? Create a Career Outside the 9-to-5


Is the idea of “lifetime employment” still hanging around? Or should we be prepared for a transitional workforce where we will most likely work a series of contract, temp and freelance gigs instead?

What does the future of work look like?   

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The Future of Work and the Millennial Takeover [Infographic]


The Millennials are coming! Millennials are the up-and-coming generation in the US workforce (and around the world). At 2.3 billion strong, they’ll soon be the largest generational group, even with many Boomers delaying retirement. This generation will make several considerable impacts on the workforce beyond just their numbers. For instance, they’ll be more ethnically diverse and better-educated than previous generations. And their workplace needs will have far-reaching changes on management structures. The Millennials are coming. And the way most companies do business is going to change considerably because of them. Check out this interesting infographic from GraphicDesignNYC and Red Tree   

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