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5 Ways Freelancers are Transforming the Economy [Infographic]


The Gig Economy may be in it’s infancy, but freelancers are already having an impact on the economy as they leave the traditional 9-to-5 workforce behind.

Read on to see how how your career might be affected as the Gig Economy moves from infancy to maturity…

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3 Old-School Career Myths Exposed (Do You Really Want a Job?)

job myths

If you’re reading this post on YouTern, there’s a more than an even chance you’re ambitious. If you weren’t, you’d probably spend your time on YouSlacker.com instead. Since you’re here, you’re eager for useful advice on building your career. First stop: awesome, resume-building internships. Next up: the coolest, resume-building job you can land. Here’s the thing, though – and I hope this doesn’t freak you out too much… You may want to rethink that whole plan. You may not want a real job after all; you may not even want to build your resume. A caveat: I’m the last person   

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Why the College Degree Will Be Obsolete in 15 Years

College Degree

We all have things around that we no longer need, without really knowing why we keep them. If you live and work in a big city, you may still have your car from the days when you used to live in the suburbs. At one time, the car had a purpose. But now? It just collects parking tickets and bird poop.

Some things outlive their usefulness. Perhaps a traditional college degree is one of them…   

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#InternPro Chat: “Who Needs a 9 to 5? Alternative Ways to Bring Home the Bacon”

For decades, “9 to 5” was considered the standard workday in the US. Not so much anymore. Today, there are many new opportunities – freelancing, temp work, project-based contracts, solopreneneurship and consulting, for example – that enable us to “bring home the bacon” well outside the traditional 9 to 5 job. This week, the #InternPro community discussed the nature, benefits and requirements of these opportunities. The chat, for your convenience, is summarized here. Join us again next week, Monday, October 1 for our next fast-paced, enlightening #InternPro discussion at 9pm ET/6pm PT! [View the story “#InternPro Chat: \”Who Needs a   

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