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3 Spreadsheets You Need to Organize Your Freelance Career

freelance career

When you first start out on a freelance career, everything seems easy to track.   

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What to Look for in Your Next Student Freelance Job

choosing a student freelance job

There are many reasons to choose one particular freelance job over another. As a student who is already juggling a hefty workload, you want to dedicate your extra time to an experience that will help you out in the long run. That said there are different types of benefits to consider.   

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#InternPro Recap: How to Survive the Gig Economy

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BY 2020, nearly half of the workforce will not be employees. They will be contractors, freelancers and temp workers.

How do we handle this big change in the job market? What skills are required to go beyond adapt and survive – and all the way to thrive? Perhaps most important, where do so-called “giggers” find enough work to build a great career?   

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The Precarious Nature of a Freelance Career


A dramatic change in the American workforce has been the rise of a different kind of worker – a contributor that goes by many names: contractor, supertemp, freelancer, contigent, gigger, and much more.   

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How to Survive the Gig Economy


The freelance economy is in full swing, with some experts predicting that by 2020 freelancers will make up 40 to 50 percent of the workforce.

With the workforce evolving so quickly, how do we adapt and survive?   

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Digital Nomads: Leading the Remote Work Revolution [Infographic]

Digital Nomads & The Remote Work Revolution

What if you didn’t have to go work today? What if – instead of spending all that time getting dressed, fighting the traffic, and attending all those meetings where nothing seems to get done – you could actually focus on… the work? From home. Or Starbucks. Or a beach in Bali? That is exactly the question this infographic from BargainFox and SavvyBeaver seems to be asking. Even more important, it answers that question while providing real data to show how you can become a successful digital nomad – as a worker, freelancer, leader or entrepreneur. But be careful, because after reading this those board shorts,   

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