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W2 or 1099: The Pros and Cons of Working as an Independent Contractor

independent contractor

While traditional employee positions are certainly common, in a variety of career paths, freelance or independent contractor work is a typical arrangement.

From taxes to benefits, here we break down the pros and cons of accepting a position as an independent contractor…   

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Why Freelance Work Sets You Up for a Fulfilling Career

ready for freelance work

The pressure to land a job immediately upon graduating college—if not before—can be as intense as the pressure experienced during the college-application phase. With the job market as tough as it is, finding a way to stand out is no longer a matter of simply finding the perfect major or knowing the right professors. Instead, employers look for real experience that will give them an idea of the applicant’s culture fit, work ethic and ability to meet expectations. So let your portfolio of freelance work do the talking for you. Take Advantage of the Benefits of Part-time Opportunities As the   

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