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Profitable Hobbies: Earning Money with Passion [Infographic]


Do you have any passions that could become profitable hobbies? A sustainable side gig?

This infographic from PoundPlace enables you to explore some tips on turning your leisure-time activities into professional hobbies…   

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It is Time: “Follow Your Passion” Must Retire as Career Advice


In my experience, success requires a minimum amount of brains, energy, and ambition. You need a plan that makes sense on paper. And you need luck. Passion is optional.

– Scott Adams

I agree with the Scott Adams. You don’t need to follow your passion to find your first job after college, and flourish in it. So you don’t know your ultimate passion. What are other ways to find fulfillment at work?   

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Forget Passion… Personality Is More Important To Your Career


“Follow your passion” is a popular career-related expression. The conventional wisdom goes: you’ll find happiness and a fulfilling career if you have the courage to discover your true calling. If you’re not brave enough, however, you’ll become an empty shell of a human being with a commute-work-die life.

We’re constantly told that fulfilling work comes from doing what we love. But is this true?

More and more experts are declaring that pursuing a passion is actually the worst career advice in history. Our take? To find a good career match, figure out your personality first, not your passion.   

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“Follow Your Passion” SUCKS as Career Advice


At the risk of alienating every “live your dream!” angel out there… “Follow your passion!” SUCKS as career advice.

Do you know how many people who follow this mantra are unemployed or under-employed? Do you know how many passion-or-nothing disciples spend their days playing Call of Duty, and banging on social media with the #FML hashtag?

Too many. Way too many. Rather than “follow your passion” …here’s what interacting with young careerists who find meaningful work has taught me…   

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Want to “Find My Passion”? Stop Searching, Start Doing

Here’s the fundamental issue: We’re led to believe that we’ll find passion, so long as we are hopeful it will one day arrive.

Authors, speakers, leaders, and gurus use this word with a near religious application – that passion is an indispensable part of personal success and happiness.

For those who would like to increase their odds of living a passionate life, I suggest you stop indulging in the following traps:   

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College Students: “Follow Your Passion” Is Good Career Advice

Most successful people will tell you they got to where they are by hard work, long nights, and loving what they do. I’ve found that the millennial generation more than any other is not only following their own path but paving the way for others as well. In a recent #internpro chat, the topic centered around whether “following your passion” is bad career advice. As it turns out, most tweeters think following your passion is the way to go, and so do I. College is usually the place where interests are discovered, nurtured, and pursued, but if you haven’t found   

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